Beautiful videos, simply made

Create professional-quality videos for business or personal use in minutes, with Animoto’s online video maker.

How to create a video

Choose your memories.

Grab your photos from Facebook, Instagram, Picasa and Flickr — or wherever you store them. Upload video clips just as easily. Or, browse Animoto’s own Video Clip Library and use whichever ones you like.

Pick your style.

Set the stage for your story with one of our video styles. From funky to classic, simple to ornate and everything in between, there’s a video style to suit just about every occasion.

Set a soundtrack.

Play DJ. Add just one or a bunch of songs from our extensive music library, already licensed and ready to use. Or, upload your own favorite tracks to match your photos.

Mix it up.

Narrate your photos in your own words, using captions and well-placed title cards. Set the pace of your images and highlight your best ones. It’s video editing at its best...without any of the hassles.

Animoto for your business

Lightroom & Aperture

Send your photos directly to Animoto with easy plugins for Lightroom and Aperture.

HD Quality

Create & download videos in crisp 1080p HD. Embed and post them in 720p HD.

Custom branding

Remove Animoto's logo, or customize your video with your own branding.

Commercial license

Our music library and all videos are licensed for hosting, distribution, and client resale.