• Choose your photos

    Grab your photos straight from your camera gallery. You can use up to 12 images, so just choose the best ones. You can even add a few video clips, as long as they’re short and sweet.

  • Pick a style and song

    Choose a video background style. There’s plenty to choose from. Then, add a song to fit the occasion. Everything in our music library is already licensed for use, so all you have to do is pick your tune.

  • Narrate your story

    Set the stage for your video in the "Intro" and "Outro". Next, add some captions for your photos. It could be a fun piece of dialogue or just a word to describe a place or object. Use your creativity!

  • Share away

    Send your video through email or text message. Or, share them through social networks like Twitter and Facebook. How’s that for easy sharing?


"I love Animoto. It takes the ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary! I'm amazed when I look at the videos. Gotta use this more often both at school and at home!"

Optimus Prime7

Automagic Video Creation!

"By far the best combo of easy-to-use and high quality videos I’ve seen in the space - animoto rocks!"


Never ceases to wow

"One of those apps that never ceases to amaze me and wow others. Incredible videos created from my pictures in minutes. You gotta try."


Best video creation app

"Took me about 5 minutes to make a beautiful video with the photos and videos in my Camera Roll. Thanks for such a useful app!"


Love it!

“So fun to take a few minutes to click pictures, pick a song and animoto does the rest! Then I get the credit for being thoughtful. Love it!"


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